6 keys for achieving success

By Christian Womanmag

What has been your greatest key to success in life? While I have not “made it” yet, I am well on my way. There are some simple keys that I want to share with you that have helped me get where I am today. These are foundations to my life and ministry. I hope you find them helpful.

1. Be Teachable and a Quick Learner

The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living. I have made a lot of mistakes and have been very embarrassing mistakes! However I have never let them defeat me. We all make mistakes! The person who quickly learns the lesson from their mistakes will have great success in this life.

2. Have Vision for your Life

A visionless life will amount to nothing. Recently, I asked my friend Steve Strang the owner of Charisma Magazine this question, “What would you say is the most important key to success in ministry?” His answer was “Clear Vision.” Mike Francen showed me that vision alone is not enough, we must write the vision down for it to come to pass, check out Habakkuk 2:2-3 NKJV. If you write the vision, it shall come to pass.

3. Passion Breeds Followers

What are you passionate about? People don’t always follow a vision, but they will follow a person that is passionate about their vision. Passionate people are infectious. Their passion rubs off onto others and has a ripple effect. You need people to partner with you, those that catch your vision will help you fulfil it. Become infectious about your vision. Talk, live, breath, your vision.

4. Action and Boldness

I know many people who are more gifted than me. However because they lack boldness, their gift will never see the light of day. Some of the things I have done only happened because I have acted in boldness and refused to be complacent about things. You can have the greatest vision in the world, but if you’re not willing to act on that vision, it will just remain an unfulfilled dream.

5. Hang Out with People who are Bigger than You

Over the last 5 years, I have deliberately set out to hang out with people I want to become like. Not to steal their gift, or copy it. But learn the way they think, what makes them tick, what is different about them and then take the good stuff and add it to my life and ministry. This has been crucial to my personal and spiritual development.

6. Results Matter

I am from a horse racing background and one thing I noticed is that people like to back horses with good form (results) next to their name. This is true for life and ministry. If you have some good results in your ministry make sure you tell everyone, put it on your newsletter, website and social networks. People will back ministries that get results. It is just human nature; no one wants to waste their time and money.

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