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60 things I would tell my 16 year-old self

By Sabrina Peters

When I was 16 I thought I knew everything. A few years have passed since then and I have realised I actually didn’t know everything (ha funny that right)! If I could stand face to face with my 16-year-old self I would have a lot to tell her. She probably wouldn’t listen but I’ll say it anyway!

  1. Stop caring so much about what other people think of you.
  2. Love yourself just the way you are.
  3. Your mum is right 99.8% of the time (even if you don’t like it)!
  4. Listen more. Talk less.
  5. They weren’t growing pains, you’ll be that size forever.
  6. Don’t smoke, it’s totally gross and so bad for your health.
  7. Forgive that person that hurt you.
  8. Forgive yourself, God does.
  9. Banish any self-hatred.
  10. Stop kissing all the boys, you’ll regret it later.
  11. It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what you want to do when you grow up.
  12. God is not angry with you.
  13. It’s OK to have doubts about your faith.
  14. Enjoy your hair, it’ll go m.i.a in a few years.
  15. One day the pain will go away, don’t give up.
  16. Some of the things you think will make you happy will actually do the opposite.
  17. Whether in thought or in words, flee from comparison.
  18. Stop stressing over everything! It may seem really huge but it’s actually not.
  19. Just do your best.
  20. Stand up for what you believe in.
  21. Don’t straighten your hair with your mums iron!
  22. Oh and drop those friends, you know the ones!
  23. Tell you parents you love them, one day they might not be around.
  24. Enjoy your energy.
  25. Hawaiian shirts are not cool and never will be.
  26. You don’t need to experience everything to know it’s bad for you.
  27. Listen to your parents when they say “no”.
  28. You’ll fall in love easily, don’t give him everything.
  29. Make-up is not paint, use it sparingly.
  30. Seek Him, even when you don’t feel anything.
  31. Trust God, trust God and trust Him again. He’s always got it.
  32. Stand up for yourself.
  33. It’s OK to be in the friend zone, one day you’ll get out and you’ll marry that person.
  34. Stop trying to make massive life decisions, chill out.
  35. Just stop. No, stop.
  36. You’re going to have a baby in six years… save your money, don’t spend it on Tony Bianco heels haha.
  37. Buy shares in Apple.
  38. Education is a privilege, give it all you’ve got.
  39. When you fall, get up. Don’t quit. It’s not the end.
  40. God understands your struggles.
  41. Don’t give into peer pressure just to fit in with the “cool kids”, they won’t always be so cool.
  42. No matter how big high school feels it’s such a small part of your life.
  43. Break up with the boy that treats you bad.
  44. Don’t get drunk at that party, it’s not as fun as everyone makes it out to be.
  45. You are good enough.
  46. Dream big… bigger… bigger again!
  47. Blue eye shadow does not make your eyes pop, you look weird.
  48. Your body is perfect, stop picking at it. You are beautiful and oh so loved!
  49. God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, wait, and you will receive.
  50. You are not defined by your past.
  51. Be careful of who you open up to.
  52. Don’t be a mean girl.
  53. Everyone has their own battles in life, always be kind
  54. Old people actually know stuff, learn from them.
  55. Stop searching for love and your self-worth in others.
  56. Don’t give into something today that could destroy your tomorrow.
  57. God is going to mess up all your plans but His are better!
  58. You’ll meet a guy when your 18 and think he’s a total creep. He’s not. He’s your husband. Be nicer to him.
  59. The lottery numbers for this coming wednesday are… 8, 16, 24, 13, 30, 2, 5…(haha jokes I wish!).
  60. Nothing in this world satisfies like Jesus. Really. Nothing.

(P.S A big thanks to all those that added in their pearls of wisdom!)


Article courtesy sabrinapeters.com