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A Christian Alternative to Halloween?

By Vanessa Hall

A lot of Christians have an issue with Halloween and what it portrays and encourages in our children, and yet many do not know how to respond. Halo-een is a chance for Christians to respond with love and peace.

Some turn the lights off and pretend they are not home when children come trick or treating at their door.

Some put lollies in the children’s trick or treat bags and then feel guilty because they are supporting something they really don’t believe in.

Others struggle to explain to their own children why dressing up as a witch or ghoul is not something they would like them to do, and leave their children confused and feeling left out.

We know, because we’ve done all of those things ourselves.

Halo-een is a chance for Christians to:

  1. Take a stand without judging other people’s choices
  2. Behave with love for your neighbor
  3. Be ‘in the world but not of the world’
  4. Be a good role model for your children
  5. Be a person who is congruent with your faith and values

It’s a chance to start restoring trust in the church.

On the 31st of October each year, rather than hiding or feeling guilty about participating, there are 3 things you and your families can do to celebrate Halo-een:

  1. Going Out:
  • Wear white on the day – a simple and powerful statement
  • Parents, if you are sending your children out so they can participate, dress them in white, or as angels instead of witches or ghouls
  • If you are doing the traditional ‘trick or treating’, instead of knocking on doors asking for something, knock on doors and give something
  • Instead of ‘Trick or Treat’, say ‘Love and Peace’ and give a Love + Peace card or a card with a small Bible verse, and a love heart chocolate
  • Turn up at a Halloween party dressed in white (or as an angel) and just be peace amongst the crowd

Over the past few years, Christians have been dressing in white and walking around their neighbourhood and had an amazing time freely able to talk with neighbours about why they were giving ‘love and peace’ instead of the alternative. Others have just quietly but powerfully made a statement by wearing white and standing out from the crowd.

  1. Staying In:
  • Parents, respond to those children who knock on your door by saying ‘Love and Peace’ when they say ‘Trick or Treat’, and give them a Love + Peace card, and/or a Bible verse card and a love heart chocolate
  • Pop a couple of white balloons out the front of your place to indicate you are celebrating Halo-een, not Halloween
  1. Praying:
  • Pray for those who are going out, that they will be protected and safe
  • Pray for everyone who is taking a quiet stand, that they will have a chance to share why they are being different

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