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A God who actually listens!

By Christian Womanmag

King David was a “man after God’s own heart” but yet like me he made mistakes quite often.  David loved God and the two shared a very intimate relationship.  In studying the life of David I continue to find that He devoted much time throughout each day in prayer to God.  He figured out that in order to hear the voice of God he had to actually spend time communicating with Him.

As I took the ten minute walk from my car to the Jerry Falwell Library this morning on the campus of Liberty University, I earnestly prayed.  I prayed for several specific things concerning my family and my husband’s health and did so specifically in the name of Jesus.  I related to David in Psalm 55:17 where it says, “Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice.”  I knew that no matter when I came to Jesus my prayer was being heard.  Jesus doesn’t take breaks or vacations.  He is an all time ever present God.  I prayed with a renewed confidence and joy knowing the Savior of the world was actually listening intently to each word I uttered as I walked toward my destination.

Upon reaching my office and landing in my chair, I received a text message.  I quickly looked to see the message was from a friend miles away whom I had not seem in months.  Her message simply said, “Sitting in my car this morning and your name just came to my mind and the Holy Spirit just swept over me… Be encouraged today my friend, God is about to do even greater things.”  I knew immediately that God loved me so much and that our relationship was so intimate that He wanted me to know He had heard each and every word I whispered to Him as I walked and talked with Him just now.  He wanted me to know, just like David, that “He hears my voice!”

As you spend time in prayer with Jesus today asking Him to speak to the Father on your behalf, understand the fact that you serve a God who actually listens to each word you speak.  I also encourage you to spend quiet moments in His presence, too, so that He is able to communicate back to you.  Be open all throughout your day for what I call “messages from the Master”.  It could be a text or email from a friend.  It may be a special song or a word spoken to you by a stranger.  No matter what form He chooses, have your heart and mind open to receive it.  What a comfort to know I serve a God who actually listens!

By Jessica Daly | Freelance writer | Website