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A letter to my daughters

By Deborah Onyiaocha

My dear daughters,

This is mummy’s first letter to you. It will definitely not be the last because we have issues to discuss heart to heart that I need you to know about as you grow into beautiful women.

I thank God for your lives my darlings as I have watched the acts of God take its place in your lives. In my letters are contained my guidance and words of wisdom to you. Keep them in the confine of your heart for they will be a joy and rejoicing to your life.

My dear daughters, my letter to you today is based on the book of Matthew 6:33 which says, ‘What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he want you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need’ (ERV).

Today, I present Christ to you, the key author of your life. He is the anchor upon whom life is secured and the only one with the answers to the troubles of life. The scripture above admonishes you on the importance and the necessity of Christ in your lives as my children. In your lives, the position God occupies is a crucial issue. To live an effective, fulfilling and struggle free life is to have the right key to open the doors of life. In interpreting the above scripture in the words of my spiritual father Bishop David Oyedepo ‘we should seek God and his kingdom first and every other thing others are dying for, will run after us.’

Every great man and woman in the bible were people who were given to serving God totally and consistently and God always set them on the throne. Take for example the following few people:

  1. Queen Esther

Queen Esther as you know was a queen in the kingdom of Persia. She was a young beautiful queen who grew from being a young girl like you are to a woman who God used to save her people. This was because she was given to serving God.

  1. Deborah

She was a prophetess that God used to save his people also in the days of Sisera when the hearts of men had failed with fear.

  1. Mary

She, as you know, is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. She was given to serving God so much that she was seen a worthy vessel to be used in birthing his son to save mankind.

My dear daughters, in the few examples I have mentioned above, I want you to know that serving God and the rewards, enthronements and blessings that come from it do not respect gender, tribe, race, age or status/title. However, serving God is a choice that is left to you to take. As your mother, I can pray for you, nurture you, teach and groom you in the ways of God but following God in true service (in season and out of season) is a choice that I pray you will choose.

Let me share something with you. There was a time where I kept God in the background of my life despite being born into a Christian family with great parents who taught and showed me the way of God. I wasn’t serving him truthfully; I was more of one leg in and one leg out. To me, God was a rescue line when I was on troubled waters. Due to that, I made some mistakes that could have been avoided. I paid dearly for it and have scars that keep reminding me of my mistakes. The day I made up my mind to serve God truthfully, I saw him break protocol for my sake.

My dear daughters, let me stop here. Please think over the matter while you anticipate my next letter. I pray that God of all grace keeps you and preserves you for his good work. Till I see you again in writing, always know that my love for you knows no bound. I have loved you from the day I felt you.



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