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Anne Graham Lotz praises God as son with Covid comes out of ICU

By Bridgett Banks

Anne Graham Lotz has thanked supporters for their prayers as her son, Jonathan, has been moved out of ICU.

Jonathan Lotz, pictured below with his sister, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright back in their college days, and the grandson of the late Billy Graham, was hospitalized last weekend with COVID and placed into ICU in a critical condition. Graham Lotz called for prayer, and in just a few days, her prayers have been answered.

Taking to social media, she stated, “PRAISE GOD!!! Praise our prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God! Jonathan has just been moved out of ICU. Now he begins rehab!! My precious mother taught me the following poem that seems appropriate now:

“Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee, Trust Him when they strength is small. Trust Him when to simply trust Him is the hardest thing of all. Trust Him He is ever faithful. Trust Him for His will is best. Trust Him for the heart of Jesus is the only place to rest. Trust Him then through tears and sunshine, All thy cares upon Him cast. Till the storms of life are over and the trusting days are past.”

“Thank you, thank you for carrying Jonathan on your knees! Please continue to pray he will go from strength to strength with no permanent side effects!”

She then quoted Psalm 18:1-3: “I will love You, O Lord, my strength…my deliverer…my God in whom I will trust. …I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved…”

His sister, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, stated, “His attitude has been positive the entire time!! He is witnessing up a storm in the hospital!! My guess is the nurses must be fighting over who gets to care for him, because he is so sweet! He prayed with a nurse who wanted to rededicate her life to Jesus at 3am!!

“I just wanted to ask you to please continue your prayers for his oxygen levels to go up!! The outpouring of prayers and support has brought our family to tears a bunch!”

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