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Are You Hiding Something?

By Laura Woodworth
girl hiding face

“He has paid a full ransom for his people.” Psalm 111:9 NLT

You don’t have to look far in our society to find someone who has suffered at the hands of wickedness. Prejudice, discrimination, verbal and physical abuse or molestation can lead to feelings of shame—even when you’re not at fault.

If it’s happened to you, your first response may be to cover it up, pretend it never happened, and somehow limp along in life, hiding your pain and anger. You may even wonder how God could have let this happen, but you must remember that God does not force people to love him. He has given every person free will to choose between good and evil. Unfortunately, you have been caught in the fray of this spiritual battle.

The Bible tells us about Tamar, a daughter of King David. She was beautiful and her half-brother Amnon was desperately in love with her. He deceived her by creating a situation where they were alone together, then strong-armed and molested her. Once the act was done, he despised her and kicked her to the street.

She could have slunk home in disgrace, but instead, Tamar tore her beautiful robe and put ashes on her head in mourning as she went out into the public streets. The deed was out in the open.

A wound can heal when it is exposed to sunlight and air.

You are valuable to God. If you have suffered abuse or injustice, this evil was not his plan and will be accounted for. God has paid a full ransom to free you from any shame, guilt or anger you might feel.

As a good shepherd, God is in this valley to anoint your head and your heart with healing oil. Bring your pain out in the open and allow his healing to soak into your life. Let God make you whole again.

Pray: “God, come to me today. Cleanse me from evil and free me from the shame I have endured. I receive your healing oil now, in Jesus’ name.”

Seek: Have you been abused or mistreated? How so?Today, seek out the Lord and seek the help you need for healing.* Don’t let someone else’s evil deed define your life.

*If you are in a life-threatening situation, get out and get help. Jesus already died for that person; you don’t have to.

Speak: I am valuable to God. He has ransomed my life from the evil one.


Laura Woodworth is an award winning writer-producer-director, a development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles, and a script consultant for Stage 32. Her articles have been carried by Family Christian, Outreach Magazine, and Charisma Magazine, and her YouVersion devotionals have over 200K subscribers. This article is an excerpt from her new devotional book, “Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” available on Amazon and other retailers. Find out more at

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