As pastor murdered, Nigerian widow prays “killers will get to know Jesus I know”

By Christian Woman Staff

Rose, the 27-year-old widow of Pastor Matthew Tagwi who was killed by Fulani militants, prayed for his killers soon after hearing of her husband’s death. “My prayer is that his killers will get to know this Jesus I know. I do forgive them and will pray that the Lord saves their souls,” she said.

The mother-of-two, who is seven months pregnant, was away from home for an antenatal check-up when she heard the devastating news of the attack on Nsah village, in Plateau state Nigeria, on 6 April.

Rose, who is expecting her third child, lost her husband, Pastor Matthew Tagwi, in a Fulani militant attack on her village in Plateau State

The pastor is also survived by the couple’s two daughters, Esther (6) and two-year old Joy.

Grieving Rose told Barnabas, “I was not at the village with him. I came to Kwall for antenatal check-up and slept in Kwall. It was there, yesterday, when I was told about his death … This is a call by God we both answered and I will continue this work and no attacks by Islamist herdsmen will stop us or stop me, even after his death.”

The attacks on Christians have continued unabated in 2020, with Christians across Africa being killed and attacked in record numbers.

From Barnabas Fund contacts