• 7 Steps to Rebuilding Your Marriage

    Do you wonder if your marriage is beyond repair? Have you ever had thoughts like these? · There are too many wounds. · There’s too much damage. · It’s impossible to get past the hurt. I’ve claimed all these statements (and others like them) as absolute facts only to realize they were keeping me from […]

  • Fear of Making Fools of Ourselves Outranks Death and Loneliness

    Toastmasters, a group that helps train public speakers, asks an intriguing question: Why are more Americans afraid of making fools of ourselves in front of others (the number one fear in America) than we are of dying and being alone (numbers five and seven)? I think a large portion of our fright stems from the […]

  • Fear of Death Behind Most Other Major Fears

    It’s been said that every major fear stems from the fear of death. The majority of Americans are afraid of death and dying, and it is a natural fear that promotes self-preservation. We are ultimately not afraid of falling—we are afraid of dying when we fall. We are not afraid of spiders—we are afraid of […]