• Almost A Mom – Experiencing Miscarriage and Loss

    The only desire I have ever had is to be a wife and mother. Growing up, my grandpa built my sister and I a playhouse. We would spend hours upon hours pretending to be moms who were running our own homes. We would have the quintessential tea parties that come with sister-play and set our […]

  • 4 Things to Look for in Godly Friendships

    Solidarity in Godly Friendships is an essential part of our Christian walk. When we walk through difficult times in life, genuine Christ-centered friendships can help carry us through. Here are 4 things to consider when looking for Godly friendships: Transparency and Authenticity Transparency is being easily seen, open and authentic. Godly friendships are built on […]

  • Seasons of Singleness: Why it’s not about ‘The Wait’

    Growing up in the church culture in the 90’s, there was a projected emphasis on waiting for ‘’the one’’. This seemed to foster a significant misunderstanding of my faith, particularly in regards to how I should be practically ‘’waiting’’ and it was there I missed the mark. I thus, spent the early years of my […]

  • The Aftermath of Divorce: Moving from Guilt to Redemption

    I sit here writing to you as a 35-year-old divorcee and as someone who at exactly this time last year had fallen to the floor sobbing uncontrollably to Jesus in a broken mess. Empty handed and with literally nothing left, I could not see the grace and love that God had for me. It was […]