• Is it fair?

    Most of us had finished our plate of lasagna, but while my son was still using his fingers to pick out only the noodles, I told my six-year-old daughter that she needed to go upstairs to pick up her room. She melted and cried, “But that’s not FAAAAAAIIIIR!” What a beautiful thing God gave us, […]

  • Because he’s the one with the problem!

    Counseling sessions with my husband always started out the same. On the drive there I would envision the therapist agreeing that I was right and that my husband needed to change. It would surely be a life-changing hour for him. But the counseling sessions always ended the same. Half way through after being shocked that […]

  • When your marriage isn’t what you thought it would be…

    Marriage isn’t what you see in the movies. Or on television. Marriage isn’t what you hear about in the songs. It doesn’t look like the marriages of the rich and famous. It isn’t what you dreamed of before you were…married. Shouldn’t I feel different in my marriage? Shouldn’t we be different together? No one told […]