• Life’s dress rehearsal

    5:30am: Sitting in the airport ready to fly to Melbourne Australia for a business trip and rather than scrolling social media I decided I’d read the word. I was reading through Luke 15, the parable of the lost son this passage caught my attention.  I had never noticed this before. “I will set out and […]

  • Excess baggage?

    I spend a lot of time in airports and people watching is definitely one of my favourite pastimes. One of the perks I have of flying often is gold frequent flyer status and the benefits like priority queues and check in. Oh how grateful I am for priority check-in!!!You also get additional baggage allowance, but […]

  • The Disappointment of Expectation

    I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine who was upset about an incident between her and a person I did not know.  She was notably upset about the whole ordeal so we discussed in detail.  The words rang out in my ears “she did this to me… I would NEVER have done […]

  • The Helper Effect

    The word I received was “bystander effect” which resulted in an enquiry on my behalf as I know what it means, but my questions were who? Where? In relation to what? The response I received was “My people are standing back waiting for someone else to go first, my people are waiting for SOMEBODY else to do something”.