• Remember, God is Greater Than Any Cultural Storm

    Have you ever heard the saying, “Being forewarned is being forearmed”? When you know the hurricane is coming, you board up your house and go to safer territory. When you know a severe cold spell is on the way, you make sure that you have proper winter clothing. In the same way, the Bible not […]

  • Remember, Joy is Contagious

    We are living in very distressing times, times of darkness and discouragement and disillusionment, times in which we are constantly bombarded by bad news. At times like this, it’s all too easy to become pessimistic and cynical, even to the point of losing hope. But there is a way out of the malaise, a way […]

  • What is the church’s role now Roe v Wade is overturned?

    The overturning of Roe marks a massive, historic victory for the pro-life cause, and we should continue to thank God and rejoice. Yet this victory simply marks a new beginning in the battle for life, and in many ways, for the pro-life movement, our work has just begun. Where do we go from here? First, […]

  • Roe is over. How Can Christians Respond to the Pro-Choice Misinformation That Abounds?

    In the days ahead, it is essential that we do our best to reach out across the vast abortion divide in America, speaking the truth in love. The ideological battle will be intense, but that doesn’t mean the war cannot be won, one heart and mind at a time. RELATED: The Significance of the Overturning […]

  • What Did the Early Church Have to Say About Abortion?

    While the pro-life position is widely associated with Bible-believing Christians, there are actually professing Christians who identify as pro-choice. In fact, one of my pro-life colleagues was speaking at a church in Michigan when, to his shock, he learned that the pastor had recently taken up an offering to help one of the young ladies […]

  • A reminder to Christians: We are the salt of the earth

    In one of the most famous passages in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to His disciples (and, by extension, to His followers today), “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to […]

  • Saturday Night Live: “Please Don’t Clown Around When It Comes to Abortion”

    What on earth was Saturday Night Live thinking when it featured comedian Cecily Strong dressed up as pro-abortion advocate “Goober the Clown”? The skit was not only done in very poor taste (no surprise for SNL), but it was downright offensive, not to mention idiotic. To what purpose did it air? Clowns, after all, are […]

  • New Twix Halloween Ad “Sends a Ghoulish Message”

    There is nothing covert about the message, nothing sublime, nothing cryptic. Quite the contrary, the message is clear and in your face. If you have a problem with a little boy wearing a princess dress and believe that people who dress like witches with spiked collars look weird, you will be blown away – meaning, […]

  • “I Warned Doctors Were Experimenting with Transgender Children” as Trans Doctor Sounds Alarm

    On November 18, 2009, I appeared on the Tyra Banks show, debating the question of what treatment was best for children who identified as transgender. Sitting next to me was Dr. Marci Bowers, himself a male to female, and known as the rock star of transgender surgery, and Kim Pearson, a straight, married woman who […]

  • The Ideological Civil War Over Abortion

    Was there a time in living memory when America was more divided? I’m 66, and I certainly can’t remember any time like today. Can you? It seems as if the right and the left are becoming more and more polarized, with less and less people in the center. From woke ideology to race issues to […]