• In Her Own Words, The Faith Journey Of Selena Gomez The journey of Selena Gomez has brought her to the grace of Jesus. And so it is with us. As John Smith wrote, “Selena emotionally testified her life story with God in front of thousands of people in a conference organized by Hillsong church last November 2-4, 2017 in Los Angeles.” She said these […]

  • The attitudes guaranteed to steal your joy

    Here’s a wake up call for you. One that demands self-awareness. If you acknowledge behaviors, inclinations or patterns in this upcoming list, keep on reading. (For the sake of your heart and everyone around you). Is your attitude of? 1. The Lead Critic: You constantly find fault in your leaders (Pastor, Boss, Governor, etc) 2. The Measuring Stick: You […]

  • Are You Finished With The Fear Of Failure?

    Yes. My spelling and grammar are actually terrible. And as a author, that spells fear of failure. I have two computer programs for corrections. But bless them, if the original word is so badly spelled that they can’t even correct it correctly, then what can they do? I feel sorry for my two programs. And for my […]

  • How God Made Bruce Jenner

    Imagine Jesus chatting with Bruce Jenner. It’s early in the morning and they are alone in the temple. The disciples are sleeping, still recovering from the previous day. But Jesus is up, and a man wants to talk to him about feeling like a woman. I’m not sure there’s anything worse than causing those whom […]