• Joe Biden Moves to Fund Abortions With Taxpayer Money

    In 1970, Congress enacted Title X, a federal program which offers grants to health centers that provide family planning services. These grants are used to help make women’s preconception care and family planning services, like cancer screenings, well-woman exams, and pregnancy testing, more affordable and accessible. Related: Planned Parenthood Has a Friend in the White […]

  • Joe Biden Executive Order Means American Taxes Could Pay for Overseas Abortions

    Is abortion a right? Should women everywhere be able to choose life or death for their babies? Unfortunately, President Joe Biden thinks so. But his position on abortion goes even further than that. In fact, the Biden administration wants the U.S. (read: your taxpayer dollars) to fund international organizations that provide or promote abortions. And […]

  • The School District Policy Helping Kids Adopt Transgender Identities, Lying to Parents

    When you drop your child off at school, you shouldn’t have to worry that any part of their education is kept a secret from you.  But that’s exactly what parents feared in Madison, Wisconsin, after they found out that teachers were keeping important information about students from their parents. In fact, the Madison Metropolitan School […]

  • American Medical Association ‘Hiding Facts About Abortion from Women’

    Tina was 35 when she found out she was pregnant. She was working full-time and happily married, but she feared how her employer would respond to the news. So, she decided to get an abortion. But as soon as she started the chemical abortion process, she was filled with regret. She wanted another option, another […]

  • Adoption Provider to Keep Serving Children While Court Case Continues

    With over 25,000 children in New York’s foster care system, the state needs as many adoption care providers as possible.  However, one foster care and adoption agency in Syracuse was recently threatened with an ultimatum that would’ve kept children from the homes they deserve: Violate your religious conscience or shut down—cease placing children in loving families.  […]

  • In the cancel culture era, what happened to mercy?

    “What do you think of cancel culture?” When a fan posed this question to Australian musician Nick Cave, he took to his online forum The Red Hand Files to respond.  In his response, Cave condemned our society’s seeming refusal to embrace civil discourse and diversity of opinion. But he also cast a vision for the […]