• Attorneys Help California Ministry Fighting Sex Trafficking to Open Prime Location

    Children of the Immaculate Heart offers a housing and rehabilitation program for adult women and their children and sought to expand their services to include a short-term residential therapeutic program for sex-trafficked youth. When the ministry ran into licensing issues due to religious discrimination at the California Department of Social Services, the national not-for-profit public […]

  • Is Bible Collge an option for you in 2021?

    I am passionate about Bible College, I make no apology for that, and I do believe that every Christian needs a sound understanding of their faith. The world around us, especially the so-called first world nations, are entering into a post-Christian era. Society is falling further away from the principles of the Gospel, the same […]

  • Pakistani Catholic family fights against forced conversion of their daughter

    One of the biggest stories in Pakistan in 2020 was that of Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Catholic resident of Railway Colony in the southern Pakistani city Karachi, who was allegedly abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to her 44-year-old Muslim neighbour Syed Ali Azhar. As reported by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), […]

  • Pakistani Christian girl raped by Muslims saves younger sister from assault

    A 16-year-old Pakistani Christian girl, brutally raped by a gang of Muslim robbers because of her faith, acted selflessly to save her younger sister from sexual attack. “Don’t do anything to my sister, whatever you do, do to me,” the older sister told the men as the two girls were led away. The younger child, […]

  • Refusing marriage to Muslim suitor, Pakistani Christian woman shot dead

    A Christian maid was shot dead, reportedly by her Muslim suitor, on 30 November after refusing to convert to Islam in order to marry him. Sonia Bibi, 24, was shot in the head in a street in Rawalpindi, Punjab province, and died on her way to hospital. Her father, Allah Rakha Masih, a sanitary worker, […]

  • Pakistan High Court declares Christian girl’s “marriage” to Muslim abductor illegal

    Sindh High Court ruled on 9 November that Pakistani Christian girl Arzoo Raja is a minor and declared that her “marriage” to her Muslim abductor is illegal. A division bench directed that Arzoo be taken back to a safe shelter and ordered police to proceed against her alleged “husband”, Azhar Ali, for violating the Sindh […]

  • The Chinese Church Members Subjected to Sound Torture

    Sound torture is a form of psychological warfare used to break people’s will using loud music or other noises. Law enforcement authorities in China often employ this method on people of faith because it doesn’t leave visible injuries but damages them mentally. Prolonged sound torture may produce devastating psychological and even physical effects. Subjected to […]

  • Court in Iran Denies Christians Custody of Adopted Daughter

    A appeals court in Iran last week denied a Christian couple custody of their adopted daughter after they faced criminal charges for their faith. Morning Star News reports that Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi, pictured below, converts from Islam, had adopted 3-month-old Lydia from an orphanage in February 2019. Before a welfare organization finalized the […]

  • Millions of the World’s Widows in ‘Crisis of Survival’

    Treatment of widows is often startlingly unfair and cruel, catapulting them into a crisis of survival, says the new global report by Texas-based Gospel for Asia (GFA). Titled Widows Often Face Uphill Battle, it examines the different struggles faced by widows in the U.S., Africa, and Asia. Those struggles include battles over widows’ benefits in […]

  • Christian Girl Kidnapped in Pakistan Says Muslim ‘Husband’ Raped, Threatened Her

    The Muslim who regained custody of a 14-year-old Christian girl he had kidnapped threatened to kill her and her family unless she gave court statements that she had married him and converted to Islam of her own free will, the girl told Morning Star News. Maira Shahbaz, who escaped from Nakash Tariq five days ago, […]