• ‘Deepfake’ pornography is ruining women’s lives

    Victims of ‘deepfake pornography’ are calling for tougher measures to prevent women being targeted. Creators of deepfake porn use artificial intelligence to replace the likeness of one person with another, often in the form of videos. The perpetrator merely requires a digital photograph of their victim which can be transposed onto pornographic content. One victim […]

  • Queen Elizabeth II: A Great Example of a Woman of Faith

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been a constitutional constant for 70 years. Formally holding the title of ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’, she had a strong personal faith in Jesus Christ herself. By her own acknowledgement, this faith has guided, comforted and held her fast throughout trials […]

  • What Do We Know About Pornography Use Among Women?

    Pornography use is often framed as a male phenomenon. But as singer-songwriter Billie Eilish’s statements about her pornography use since the age of 11 make clear women—and even young girls—now make up a sizeable block of pornography consumers.  Research shows that in recent decades the increase in women’s pornography use has been dramatic.   Five decades ago, […]

  • UPDATE: Bethel’s Beni Johnson dies at 67 after cancer battle

    Beni Johnson, the Bethel senior pastor and wife of Bill Johnson, has passed away overnight after her battle with cancer. Her death comes just as the church reported that she needed a miracle after the decision was made to end her chemotherapy and bring her home and into hospice care. Beni, who had been contending […]

  • Christian Woman Assaulted with a Sickle in Egypt

    Last month, a Muslim radical brutally attacked a Christian woman in Egypt, Mona Wafdi Marzouk, nearly killing her. One morning as she was walking to her family’s farm to help her father, who was in poor health, the attacker ambushed her and began to strangle her. He then proceeded to grab a sickle, and he […]

  • Christian couple arrested in India on charges of forced conversion

    A Christian couple were arrested in the Indian state of Karnataka on 17 May after allegations of illegally securing conversions to Christianity. Pastor V Kuriyachan, 62, and his wife Selenamma, 57, were accused of forcing more than 1,000 tribal people in Kadoga district to convert. The arrests took place the same day that the state […]

  • Pakistan Christian Woman Accused of Insulting Islam Awaits Blasphemy Trial

    A Christian woman charged with blasphemy nine months ago is still in prison in Pakistan. Last July, she was accused of insulting Islam in a WhatsApp conversation and has been awaiting her trial ever since. The trial is expected to be held today, but these trials have been known to go on for years or […]

  • When You Need More Strength

    Are you tired? Need more strength? Spring is coming. And for some, it’s already here. But maybe you’re living in one of the colder zones—and you’re still waiting. Or maybe you’re trying to convince your mind, body, and spirit about the promise of springtime. Only, they’re not listening. When You Need More Strength and You’re […]

  • Christian woman becomes mayor of Chennai, India

    A Dalit Christian woman has become the youngest ever mayor in the history of Chennai, India’s fourth largest city. Priya Rajan, 28, a member of the Evangelical Church of India, was sworn in as mayor of the city of ten million inhabitants on 4 March. She is the third woman to hold this office. Chennai, […]

  • Christian missionary abducted by Russians in Ukraine

    Sources inside Ukraine have reported that a Ukrainian aid worker affiliated with CBN’s Orphans Promise ministry has been abducted near Mariupol. Mercy Projects founder Jeff Thompson, who is assisting refugees at the border, and helping to rescue women and children still stranded inside the war-torn country, said, “Our missionary partner Valentina was arrested by the […]