• What’s So Bad About Encouraging Female Modesty?

    There is no doubt that many Christians were injured by the so-called Purity Culture movement, however well-intentioned it may have been. Some were under the misimpression that if they stayed pure before their wedding, they were guaranteed to have a wonderful marriage, sexually satisfying as well. Some were made to be feel shamed and unclean, […]

  • The inconvenient truth about abortion in America

    A recent article by Ben Zeistloft in the Daily Wire began with these deeply troubling words: “Abortion is the leading cause of death in America.” The article was titled, “5 Disturbing Findings from Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report,” but there could have been one more item added: everything listed took place under the Trump administration. That […]

  • COVID Has Killed Hundreds of Thousands. Abortion Has Killed Tens of Millions

    According to the respected Worldometer website, COVID-19 deaths in 2020 reached 1.8 million, a truly tragic and devastating number. There is no denying that we have experienced a real pandemic, and many of us have lost friends and loved ones to this virus in the last 12 months. Yet, for every person who died of […]

  • Why We are all Losers in the Breonna Taylor Tragedy

    If there’s one thing we can agree on, it is that Breonna Taylor’s death is a terrible tragedy. No one with a working heart and functioning brain will deny that. But who is to blame for her death? Were the police at fault? Was her boyfriend at fault? Is the legal system at fault? And […]

  • Reflections on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    The news came as a shock in the midst of a year of unrelenting shocks, yet another jolt of massive proportions. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died at the age of 87. That her death took place as Jews around the world had begun to observe (or were about to observe) Rosh HaShanah, the traditional […]

  • The Depravity of a Culture that Celebrates the Sexploitation of Young Girls

    Now that the new Netflix movie “Cuties” is available for viewing, we know that it is far worse than we imagined. Yet there are movie critics and movie stars who are celebrating this trash rather than denouncing it. What has happened to our culture? Have we lost all vestige of a conscience? RELATEDNetflix pressured to […]

  • ‘The sexualization of our children has gone way too far’

    At what point does this stop? At what point does our society say, “Enough is enough” when it comes to the assault on our children? At what point do we stand up as a nation and put a stop to this attack on innocence? RELATEDPixar Targets Your Children with Their First Gay Lead CharacterDrag Queens […]

  • As gay character comes ‘Out’, new Pixar show targets children

    “We’ll get you through your children!” These words were shouted to Norman Podhoretz in 1958 by beat poet and pioneer gay activist Allen Ginsberg at the end of an unsuccessful summit. According to Daniel Oppenheimer in his book Exit Right, “A decade later (1968) that threat would prove one of the fulcrums around which Podhoretz […]

  • Reflecting on the Death of Progressive Christian Rachel Held Evans

    Rachel Held Evans, wife, mother, blogger, and influential Christian author, is dead at the age of 37. Although we never met, and despite our serious theological differences, I am truly saddened by her passing. It was just last month she was hospitalized with the flu, and that quickly, she is gone. My ministry reached out […]