• You can run but you can’t hide

    It was only four weeks ago when we were racing around with our busy lives. Now most of our entire world is either in lock down or self-isolating due to COVID-19 and rightfully so! And much like I may run to our recently converted spare bedroom now office to take a quick or lengthy work […]

  • What is your first response?

    Recently I had a bit of a scare with our 9-month-old daughter. While she was playing on the floor at my feet unbeknown to me she had picked up an apple sticker and put it in her mouth. I then heard her gasping for air, I quickly picked her up and stuck my finger down […]

  • Life Giving Relationships

    “She’s changed,” they said. “She’s not who she once was.” I’m sure, like you I have heard this said maybe once, twice or many times before but if I was to be honest with you I actually really, really like it. None of us are who we once were and often it’s easier to accept […]