• You Don’t Have to Accept The Sorry

    Something that has always bothered me as a highly spiritual person, is the way we Christians can bang the “forgiveness” drum. Someone legitimately hurts you, and within weeks or months, people are sermonizing your pain by telling you to let it go, and forgive. If you are still angry, and grieving, the problem is you. […]

  • Is God sexist?

    I am an academic. In academia, you can be a lot of things, as long as Christian isn’t one of them. I had a colleague at the college I worked for prior to Andrews University ask me quite candidly why I would ever ascribe myself to a religion that belittles my position in the community […]

  • 7 Things A Mom Does Before She Even Gets to Work

    I have just arrived to my place of employment. Everyone’s all “good morning,” and I’m just doing my best to blend in. Literally I noticed snot on the front of my dress while I was backing out of my drive way this morning. This is my normal. Carefully selecting attire the night before, only to […]

  • What I Wanted In A Man 

    When I was fifteen my friends and I made dating contracts. It was a compiled list of all the qualities potential boyfriends would need to have in order to make the cut. We signed them in blood and pinky-swore we would never settle for a boy who did not check off ALL of our requirements. […]

  • The women of the glass

    Being a mother is much like becoming a large glass windowpane. Easily you will become unnoticed. People will sit around you, enjoy you, and use the light that you illuminate in a room but will only acknowledge the sun, and look past your role in the beams. And yet, everyone wants the window seat. “It’s […]

  • Because sometimes people leave…

    When we met my eyes danced around you. When you cast a look my way I could barely breathe. You talked and I listened. With each word your face brightened and I almost had the feeling that in all your years previous no one had ever heard you; not like I did. I am not […]

  • I’m tired of being happy

    If you clicked on this link looking for a pick-me-up, exit immediately. I got nothing for you. A student stayed after class the other day to ask what my zodiac sign was. She said, “I just love that you are always so happy.” I immediately flinched and waited to see if Zeus may strike me […]

  • Jesus Is Magic

    In the 5th grade I had the hots for a boy I’ll provide with a pseudonym. I used to name names in my writings but my mother keeps telling me it’s not lady-like. At any rate, this boy, we will call Stan, was a real babe magnet. I went to a small private school that […]

  • The Night That I Called Off My Wedding

    I was 21 years old when I got engaged. I was ecstatic. I was 22 years old when I called off that same engagement two months before the wedding. I was devastated. The day that my engagement ended was probably the worst night of my entire life. The leading up to this decision kind of […]

  • She Was Flirting With My Husband

    The first time I saw a girl flirt with my husband I was 11. Technically he wasn’t my husband yet, but he had passed me two notes so I figured it was close enough. He was using the numbers on his calculator to make funny words. She laughed every time he came up with a […]