• Pastor’s wives: 4 Essential Tools for Navigating Discouragement with Your Husband

    It comes in a text message or a phone call. It comes in the middle of the day or it can awaken you in the middle of sleep. It comes loud like a loud and jarring freight train but it can also come as the most deafening silence. “It” is that all-too-familiar feeling of discouragement, […]

  • What Your Pastor’s Wife Wish You Knew

    October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month, and as we celebrate the shepherds that God has blessed us with, we also have the opportunity to celebrate and encourage the woman who serves alongside him. We all have different roles and titles that we are known for. Some of us are CEOs, some stay at home moms, some […]

  • Conversations on Christian Womanhood

    Now that The Calling of Eve is out in the world, I’m having a lot of conversations around womanhood. I’m seeing more and more confusion and frustration from the many voices that are trying to strip away womanhood in the fight for equality as well as women who grew up in the Church that are […]

  • What We Learn From Our First Mother Eve

    Mother’s Day is filled with a mix of emotions and it can often be confusing to know how to approach it. From grief, to anger, to sweet celebration we can find ourselves wondering how to approach such a sensitive day with both tenderness and honor. In my book, The Calling of Eve, I learned so […]

  • How Pastors Can Celebrate The Women In Their Church

    On any given Sunday, I see women all across the globe serving, ministering, and using their gifts to further the Kingdom and love Jesus’s bride well. From serving in the nursery, to teaching small groups, to opening the door with a smile, to leading in song, women have been and always will be a vital […]