• Lean in, and stick close to God

    Those words in my spirit gave me pause one morning as I was pouring out my frustrations to the Lord about the confusing days in which we live.  As I pondered the phrase, a picture formed in my mind of a child leaning in to her father.  Instead of fretting or striving, God wants us […]

  • It’s Proven, Delays to God’s Promises Have a Purpose

    Going to Disney is the dream of every kid I know.  So, the excitement children feel when a parent promises, “we’ll go to Disney,” is immeasurable!  They jump up and down; and run around. They hoot and holler, and immediately pull out the suitcase. They have a promise and they are ready to go. When […]

  • 7 Steps To Prepare You for God’s Promise, Guaranteed!

    If God’s promise to you is delayed, you have time to step up and prepare!  The Apostle Peter gives some instructions on how we can make the most of the waiting. “ And because of his (God’s) glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to […]