• ‘The difference between a moral viewpoint and phobia’ as Christian actress sacked

    A Christian actress, Seyi Omooba, was fired from her lead role in a theatre production in 2019 over her allegedly “homophobic Facebook post”. Seyi has since taken the theatre company to court, suing them for wrongful dismissal. As her case has progressed, the injustice of her treatment has become apparent. (Editor’s note: The actress, 26, […]

  • People power sees Target reinstate book discouraging teen transgender

    A book describing the worrying trend of transgender therapy being offered to young girls was initially removed from the retail giant Target’s shelves last week but then quickly reinstated after enough people subsequently complained. Related: Amazon bans advertising for book discouraging transgender for girls The book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by […]

  • The other side of God

    This morning, as I sipped my morning coffee (home-made flat white on rice milk with a dash of hazelnut syrup) I read Luke 12:4-7 and meditated on it for some time. The passage is part of a fascinating discourse where Jesus is speaking to his band of disciples – his closest followers. He is describing […]

  • As Massachusetts legalizes polyamorous marriage…

    At the risk of saying ‘I told you so’, there is now a movement toward recognising polyamorous marriage; that’s marriage between more than two people. The New York Times recently published an article, “A Massachusetts City Decides to Recognize Polyamorous Relationships.” The city in question is Somerville, and it has officially recognised the validity of […]

  • While world focuses on coronavirus, New Zealand passes extreme abortion laws

    While the focus of the world has been centred on the developing pandemic, New Zealand has just passed the most extreme abortion legislation in the world. The legislation includes the following disturbing aspects: Abortion will now be available on-demand, for any reason, up to the DAY OF BIRTH Sex-selective abortion has been legalised – killing […]

  • Why it’s a fine line between abortion and murder

    The current push to decriminalise abortion in many states and nations around the world, forces us to consider the fine line between abortion and murder. For example, a proposed law to decriminalise abortion that is currently being debated in New South Wales, Australia, would mean that to kill a baby one day after it is […]

  • More Biblical Evidence of Women Leaders

    Last week I began to examine the biblical evidence for women in leadership in God’s church. This week we will continue to look at this evidence. PHOEBE In Romans 16:1 Paul refers to Phoebe as a “diakonos“. This term was used in two ways in the New Testament. Firstly, it referred to the office of […]

  • The Biblical Evidence For Women in Leadership (Part 1)

    The role of women in the church is a complex issue which continues to be hotly debated by Biblical scholars and church leaders. While it is true that some participants in the debate are strongly influenced by either feminist or chauvinist philosophies, there are also many sincere Bible scholars on both sides of the debate […]