• The Fig Leaf of Performance – and My Intention Not to Wear it This Year

    There are moments when truth hits you and instantly you can see. Then there are times, like last year, when truth must be soaked in. When a lie has become entwined in your being without you even knowing. Knitted to the fabric of who you are without your conscious permission. It goes on like a […]

  • Are you wearing the garment of shame?

    Last year I was asked to speak to a stunning group of women on the topic of shame. Sadly, it was a topic I was familiar with. Shame has this way of subtly being cast over your life without you even realizing it. It has a way of weaving itself through your everyday garments. Often, […]

  • Is There Change in The Waters?

    This one is for all the girls (and guys) stepping out on a word from God, into a place that requires change. I wrote this poem a couple of years ago whilst walking through my own waters. It spoke to me about hearing the voice of God and having the courage to follow through turbulent […]

  • Stand Tall Spinning Girl

    There are days, there are weeks, there are years, when it feels like the earth may crumble around you, where you feel like you are holding it up just by continuing to stand. There are days when the heavens are shifting, plates are realigning, changes are transpiring beyond and above our earthly understanding. We are […]

  • The belt of truth

    What happens when you are drowning under a lie? Drowning under people’s opinions, drowning under false accusations, swirling in the midst of half-truths. What happens when the stakes move, when the stakes that kept truth secure move, and foundations shake. When the ground starts to move, and your feet start to sink. When the battle […]

  • Calling, Courage and New Clothes

    So, it’s 2020, and I am edging my toes into the water. Not the dive in, of previous days. Days before I knew the power of the ocean. Before I knew that our beautiful God allows almighty storms, that change the course of history. Before I knew that like the mother of Moses, God will […]

  • The Despair Blocker

    So there is this force that tries to block my path every time. It’s unseen, but so real, and so pervasive. The force is despair. It doesn’t have a complicated definition, it’s simple really, it is the force that sucks all hope out of a room, all of it gone, in the vacuum of despair. […]

  • Ripping off Rejection

    There is one garment that is so painful it takes our breath away. When we wear it, tears seep out the side of who we are, our breath is sharp and the pain is acute. We’ve all known it. Some of us have recognized it. Some of us have not. It’s painful because we weren’t […]

  • It’s time to get the ‘Dis’ out of Disappointment

    There are some rocks that are just too heavy to bear. They sit on your heart, they block the joy, they block the light, they weigh you down. They are too heavy to carry day in and day out. Our heart is not designed for certain weights; they are crushing to our soul. I recognize […]

  • Waste places and the Garden of Eden

    “For the Lord will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places, He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in it, Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.” Isaiah 51:3 We all have them you know. Places gaping in our […]