• The Pandemic Stillness

    And it happened…everything began to spiral out of control.  One moment life seemed normal. The next moment life felt like turbulence.  The world was drifting into shaky territory.  What use to be – will no longer be. The norm was drifting away.  Time became the essence.  And the wind was blowing stillness.  Everything was shifting […]

  • SHE Lives Hope

    The awakening moment.  The moment she realized nothing else mattered. The moment her eyes opened to the impossibilities of life.  Even in the adversities of her darkest days, she knew hope was living somewhere inside of her.  A beaming beautiful light radiating with energy to last a lifetime.  She could feel the push. The strength.  […]

  • Seeing Life “Differently Beautiful”

    The awakening to life and all its beauty… Have you ever awaken to the melodies of the birds singing at sunrise? From their branches deep in the trees, they bring a sense of newness, calmness and inner peace. As you start each day there are so many daily sequence of actions and repetitive systems that […]

  • The puzzle of life

    Life is a puzzle. Unless you have all the pieces it can be hard to find the right fit. Life can even be a little frustrating and challenging at times. There is always a missing piece.  Depending on the individual, each missing piece can be infinite and sometimes extremely difficult to fit in place.  My life […]

  • The journey of living

    The journey. The path. The spiritual awakening. It all came at once, without notice or sound. The moment life changed. Which way is the right way? Which door is the right door? Who can lead her down this crooked road or guide her out of the deepest places? The journey of living… Here she stands, […]