• How This Adoption Provider Helped Find a Loving Home for One Special Child with Special Needs

    Heather and Rick knew that adoption can be a difficult and emotional process. In addition to their three biological children, the couple had adopted three other children from Korea. But when their adoption provider contacted them about adopting a newborn baby with extensive medical needs, Heather and Rick had no idea what to expect. The […]

  • Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Won’t Be Forced to Speak Against Its Mission

    Caring Families Pregnancy Services has been giving a voice to women facing unplanned pregnancies for over 30 years. “We know how important it is for our clients to write their own stories,” says the pregnancy center’s website. But while Caring Families works to give its clients a voice, the city of Hartford tried to silence […]

  • The wedding photographer standing up for free speech

    Over the past several years, we’ve seen several creative professionals forced to battle for their rights in court. Some local governments have tried to force these artists and business owners to use their talents to express messages with which they disagree. It’s certainly a disturbing trend. But recently, we’ve seen another trend. Creative professionals are […]

  • How a Supreme Court Case on Foster Care May Affect This Woman

    Barronelle Stutzman is a talented floral artist in Washington state, and Sharonell Fulton is a devoted foster parent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These two Christian women live thousands of miles apart. But their powerful stands for religious freedom—at the U.S. Supreme Court—may be poised to bring them together, to the benefit of us all. RELATEDNew York adoption […]

  • New York adoption agency wins case upholding their religious beliefs

    There are more than 400,000 children in the foster care system nationwide. This includes over 25,000 children in the state of New York alone. You would think that government agencies would want as many adoption providers as possible working to find homes for these children. Yet, in some states, government officials are cutting ties with—and […]

  • ‘True Bravery’ as Pregnancy Center Stands Up to Planned Parenthood

    In today’s turbulent political climate, speaking the truth is often an act of bravery. Lately it seems like many who are willing to speak up are met with malice, anger, and even threats. To make a stand for what’s right during this time is noble, but it is also increasingly rare. Standing up to a […]

  • While States Ban Life-Saving Surgeries, Abortions Are Allowed to Continue

    For decades, the abortion industry has been telling us that abortion is just like any other medical procedure. But now, thanks to the COVID-19 response in several states, this falsehood has been exposed. Here’s what happened. In late March, several governors began issuing executive orders that included temporary bans on elective surgeries. By limiting the […]

  • The couple banned from farmer’s markets for a Facebook post

    Steve and Bridget Tennes, both veterans, have served their local community through their family farm, Country Mill Farms, since 2010. They grow apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, sweet corn, and pumpkins, and they host community events throughout the year. For years, they also sold their produce at a farmer’s market in East Lansing. Their customer service […]

  • Washington State Wants to Force This Church to Pay for Abortions

    Opponents of religious freedom love to use “separation of church and state” as a misguided battle cry to remove prayer from public schools, erase historical religious landmarks, and even block faithful Christians from public service. Meanwhile, real violations of separation of church and state are increasing. Across the country, we’re seeing numerous incidents in which […]

  • What Does Norma McCorvey’s ‘Deathbed Confession’ Mean for Pro-lifers?

    Who is Jane Roe, the plaintiff in the landmark case Roe v. Wade? For years we have known that Jane Roe is really named Norma McCorvey. We’ve watched as Norma had a massive conversion of heart, became a Christian, and dedicated the rest of her life to fighting the U.S. Supreme Court decision that bore […]