• When God Seems Absent

    Have you ever felt that God has gone AWOL on you? I have, many times, and invariably it has been during the darker times of life. I had always felt very blessed by God’s presence. From the moment I surrendered to Jesus at the age of 21, I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. But […]

  • In today’s age, should you smack your children?

    A fascinating article in The Age newspaper recently reported that National Children’s Commissioner Anne Hollonds has called for smacking to be made illegal. The article quoted new research that shows: Children who are smacked are likelier to use violence against their families. Adults have modelled this, so adolescents think it’s okay to use violence to […]

  • When a Christian asks: ‘Can I Pray to Mary & the Saints?’

    It’s a question I’m regularly asked: Is it alright to pray to Mary and the Saints? I write this with the highest respect for my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. I have learned, and continue to learn, much from you. I especially appreciate your great reverence for Mary, something that is often lacking in non-Roman […]

  • Now everyone’s an ‘expert’, Christians should beware what they share

    Thanks to Doctor Google, everyone can know everything about everything. Everyone can be an expert! It’s really quite simple: 1. Choose a topic2. Do a Google search3. Choose one or two of the 442 million results that pop up in a few seconds4. Ignore the others, especially the ones that disagree with you Share expert […]

  • Is COVID-19 really the end times?

    Online posts about the current crisis being a forerunner to the Mark of the Beast are rampant. In fact, you could say they’re going viral! In general, they go something like this: Lockdowns around the world will be lifted but only for those immune to the coronavirus. You will have to be tested to see […]

  • Need a hand getting out of debt?

    The Bible has a lot of practical advice to give when it comes to money, especially how to manage it well and how to stay away from bad debt. Australia has one of the highest household debt rates in the world. While other countries’ household debt has levelled out or is decreasing, Australia’s is still […]

  • How do Christians respond to Halloween?

    I received this message a while ago via Facebook: “I just got a letter from school on Friday asking all parents to provide a small bucket or similar for the kids to decorate in art class for ‘non-scary Halloween celebrations’. Oh and donate lollies too if you want. I just get so fired up that […]

  • But I just want to be happy

    I’d love to have a dollar for every time I’ve heard the words, “I just want to be happy.”  And I hear those words more and more as we increasingly become an individualistic, self-focused society.  Sadly, this phrase even comes from the mouths of Christian people as if happiness is somehow God’s perfect will for […]

  • Will we ever be satisfied?

    I’m writing this blog in Indonesia where Christie and I are doing some ministry. Every time I come to Asia one of the things that stands out to me is all the advertising for “lightening, brightening, whitening” products. That’s right. In Asia many people would just LOVE to have lighter, whiter skin. Some stay out […]

  • When your church choice becomes a shopping experience

    A number of years ago Christie and I lived next door to a couple from a Catholic background. A year or so after we moved in they shared with us that she (the lady of the couple) had been diagnosed with a severe form of breast cancer. She had all sorts of drastic treatments but […]