• Both beautiful and difficult: Marriage and its paradox

    A paradox has often been thought of as something that is contradictory, yet true. I dare say, marriage consists of many. An intertwinement of antithetical elements that somehow simultaneously co-exist. Author Timothy Keller, frames it like this, “On one hand marriage is an absolute source of joy, love, security and on the other it can […]

  • Crushing the curse of comparison

    Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with your own life after looking at the woman’s next to you? Maybe you feel like she’s got it all together and you’re struggling to keep your head above water? Maybe you’re the only single in your squad but your desperate to be wed? Maybe you’re working the same […]

  • What not to do when you feel like you’ve missed the mark

    Since the beginning of time human beings have been stumbling their way through life. Making mistakes and missing the mark. The truth is, God doesn’t expect you or I to be perfect, but He does give us a free will to turn to Him or away when we fall short. Our response when we fail […]

  • Grace is a gift, not a free pass

    Jesus came to give us a new life, not a new excuse! There’s NOTHING we can do to earn salvation. It is 100% a FREE gift – undeserved and unmerited. But how we live still matters. Because sin has consequences. It hurts us and it hurts others. And our conduct speaks volumes, especially to a […]

  • Girls, why posting sexy pics online is actually a bad idea

    A few days ago I posted this status: “When you continually flaunt photos of yourself half-naked (or always in revealing fitness gear/skimpy bikinis) you reinforce the message a woman’s best asset is her body, her beauty or her sexuality. There is nothing wrong with being healthy, fit and attractive, but surely women need to be encouraged […]

  • The guilty victim. The dichotomy of sexual abuse.

    Recently, I posted a video called “One Brave Girl shares Her story of Overcoming Sexual Abuse”. Within minutes the video had hundreds of views. One being from the husband of the girl in the film. Sadly, I received this message from him: “Hey Sabrina. I’m so sorry to do this to you, but can you […]

  • Why your pursuit of ‘happiness’ is leaving you unhappy

    We live in a day and age obsessed with happiness and we’ll do just about anything to obtain it. We’re hooked on the pursuit of “feeling good”, yet in reality so many of us are left feeling bad. We have more stuff, but we’re less satisfied. More Facebook friends, but less genuine ones. More “success”, […]

  • 3 ways to actually guard your heart

    If you’ve been around Church for more than 2 minutes you’ve probably heard someone say, “Guard your heart”. Well it’s good advice! Actually, it’s great advice! The bible tells us in Proverbs that from our heart everything else flows. So it makes sense to protect it.  To keep it soft we need to guard against […]

  • Seek first, serve second

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m the kind of person who finds it hard to stop, to sit, to wait, to rest and to receive. I’m a Martha by default, but I’m a Mary by choice. Because what’s the point of doing everything for God? And missing Him in the process. SIT FIRST, SERVE […]

  • Rejecting busy: How you can escape the hustle and live in rhythm

    As a culture we tend to glorify busyness, productivity, expansion and increase, no matter the cost. We celebrate the go-getters, the super-achievers, who are always hustling, bustling, kicking goals, making money and juggling a million hats at once. They run on coffee and never even seem to sleep. Ambition is what gets them up in […]