Beth Moore offers praise report that Priscilla Shirer is ‘recovering well’

By Danielle Jarvis

After undergoing surgery on her left lung, bestselling Christian author and speaker Beth Moore has reported that Priscilla Shirer is recovering well.

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Moore, along with fellow Christian speaker, Christine Caine, made their way to the hospital to ‘storm the grounds’ and pray for Shirer while she underwent surgery.

Shirer was operated on January 13 after a lobe was discovered on her left lung.

In the cab on the way to the hospital where our friend is having surgery. Armed and dangerous. And yes we will no doubt march around the hospital 7 times like it’s Jericho. We may stop short of praise dancing with banners in the waiting room.”

After the prayer session, and once surgery was completed, Moore posted again.

“From the back of a cab again! Solo this time. A brief and basic update on our dearly loved friend. The last sentence that cut off was just to ask you to pray for a smooth and comfortable recovery and, I’d add to that, a time of respite for this family we all love so much. Your prayers MATTER. Keep them up.”

It’s been a tough time for Priscilla and her family after her mom, Dr. Lois Evans, passed away December 30. Her father, Dr. Tony Evans, the senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, chimed in on Instagram.

“This IS a glimpse at the Body of Christ in action,” he stated. “Thank you for praying for Priscilla today. Her official announcement can be found on her ministry FB page, Going Beyond Ministries. Repost from @priscillashirer using @RepostRegramApp – When you’ve had a few really tough weeks and you’re on the eve of a few more tough ones but then your people show up – cooking and cleaning and making a celebration out of thin air.”