Caregiver burnout, it is real, you’re not alone.

By Christian Womanmag
He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. (Isaiah 40:29)

I talk to so many different caregivers who when they begin to talk to me about their situation they begin to cry or become very upset due to feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.  I totally understand these feelings because I am still a caregiver to not only my husband who has heart failure, but also to my mom who battled breast cancer and most recently underwent her second total knee replacement. 
Caregivers must have people they can trust to talk with and vent their emotions to.  You cannot live with all these feelings bottled up inside of yourself.  One thing that I did not realize until a few years ago was that I could vent and say how I was really feeling to the Lord with no worries or fears!  The Lord already knew how I felt but wanted me to share it with Him myself!  God wants you to be real with Him.  He wants you to lean on Him and understand that He knows what you are feeling. Support groups for caregivers are beginning to form and they are vital to caregivers.  Don’t be afraid to join one of these groups or go online to websites like for additional support.  There are thousands of people just like you all around the world and even down your street who understand how you are feeling and would love to pray for you and listen!
Having feelings of spiritual or physical fatigue is not unusual and does not mean something is wrong with you. There were days and still are when I don’t enjoy being a caregiver and wish I didn’t have to be.  These feelings are also okay to share with the Master for He knows how hard your circumstances may be.  I can remember having a conversation with God right after my daughter was injured in a life-threatening accident, while my husband was still facing heart failure and a possible heart transplant.  I sat in a waiting room and asked God if He had forgotten all that I already had going on before Taylor’s accident.  I also asked Him over and over how He thought I would ever be able to face and deal with all that was on my plate.  Over time, I saw that God had saved my precious daughter and that HE never ever left my side and He did in fact help me face each and every day.  I look back now and wonder why He loves me so when I have fussed at Him so much!
Don’t beat yourself up.  Your feelings are real and they need to be dealt with.  If not, they will only lead to hurt and more frustration for you and the ones around you.  God wants to be your sounding board, good or bad.  He is not only our Savior but He longs to be our confidant and best friend.  Let Him be that to you today!
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