Christian author Rachel Held-Evans in intensive care

By Danielle Jarvis

New York Times bestselling Christian author Rachel Held Evans has been placed into intensive care following an infection.

Her husband, Dan Evans, has updated followers on her blog, stating that, “During treatment for an infection Rachel began exhibiting unexpected symptoms. Doctors found that her brain was experiencing constant seizures. She is currently in the ICU. She is in a medically induced coma while the doctors work to determine the cause and solution.

“Drs are working to balance her treatment in an attempt to avoid negative effects of the constant seizures but also avoid possible negative effects of any medications used to sedate her and control them.

The 37 year-old is the bestselling author of “A Year of Biblical Womanhood,” which she wrote after spending a year attempting to follow the Bible’s instructions for women as literally as possible.

In September 2008, Evans signed with Zondervan for her first book, Evolving in Monkey Town. The book explores her journey from religious certainty to a faith which accepts doubt and questioning; the title is based on the Scopes Monkey Trial that occurred in Dayton. Her second book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband Master, was released in October 2012. She recounts how she spent an entire year of living a Biblical lifestyle literally.

Evans’ husband, Dan Evans, said he would be updating his wife’s condition on her blog.