Christian Cannabis: are you serious?

By Matt Danswan

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened,” says the Lord, “and I will give you rest.”

In this crazy, busy, hyper-stressed world, I wonder how people make it through without being able to just rest and talk to their Creator.

I am not normally one to write political articles or judgmental pieces, but seriously… when I read about this new Christian cannabis company, I felt obliged to write something. One of our team members wrote a journalistic piece for My Christian Daily, which simply reported the facts. That is in fact what a good journalist should do, so she did a great job.

However, I felt the need to step in and use our media to say something about it. In what we do here at Initiate Media, we are going out of our way to build a robust Christian community, one that connects people all over the world. As part of this, we are always discussing different opportunities with other Christian entrepreneurs to see if we can offer additional products and services to the Christian community that enhance their lives.

But Christian Cannabis has simply gone too far. As the founder, Craig Gross, stated, “I had begun to connect the dots between the headaches that were hospitalizing me, and exactly why cannabis had proven to be such a miraculous answer to my family’s prayers: my life is busy. ⁣

“Too busy. Marriage, two kids, insane work schedules, directing a non-profit, managing side-business projects, and each and every idea that I am constantly moving on. ⁣

“Some days, I forget to eat. I don’t stop working for long enough to go to the bathroom. Sadly, I realized that entire days would go by without lifting my head for air out of whatever project was in front of me. ⁣

“I could have been sitting in a room with my kids, or my wife, or you… but it’d always be clear that I was somewhere else. ⁣This helps me be there.⁣”

Craig, I feel your stress. I too have a ridiculously busy schedule. I see you have two children. I have four very active children. Even as a Christian, I can still get really stressed and worn out. People need me all the time. But I don’t go to a plant for relief. I go to God.

Christians are subject to the same stresses as everyone else in the world, but we are able to go to the Word, go for a walk with God, and let his peace rest on us and calm our minds. We don’t need to take to the bottle, or to drugs or gambling to ease the pain. God knows we will face issues in this world, and that is why we have him and his Word to comfort us. As the Bible says, “He sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)

People who don’t have access to this brother go to substances like cannabis because they need a release from their stress.

So I applaud entrepreneurs who also want to make the world a better place for their Christian brothers and sisters, but introducing them to drugs is not even close to being a good idea.

Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of Christian Woman. He also blogs at www.mattdanswan.com. His new book NOT Business As Usual documents the story of the building of Initiate Media debt-free.