Christian group launches petition as Hallmark Channel features lesbian wedding

By Danielle Jarvis

A Christian group has received over 65,000 signatures in protest to Hallmark Channel releasing “Wedding Every Weekend”, a new film featuring a lesbian wedding.

On August 15, the channel is releasing its new movie, which features a same-sex couple tying the knot.

“Hallmark Channel is not waiting until Christmas to include LGBTQ content and characters in its original movies,” said One Million Moms on its petition in which the film includes a lesbian couple.

“Although the description does not identify the couples who are getting married at each of the four weddings, the trailer makes it very clear that one of the weddings will be a lesbian wedding.

“The once conservative network has recently caved to LGBTQ pressure and has done a one-eighty from the wholesome content the channel once aired, and the network is now catering to the Left.

“So many people feel betrayed by Hallmark over these past seven months. Hallmark Channel was one of the remaining channels that families could watch without being bombarded by politically correct commercials and the LGBTQ agenda.”

Hallmark Channel is known for its family friendly content, but that has changed in recent times. The channel was in the news last year for running same-sex ads, apologizing to its viewers before doing a backflip after LGBT criticism and then re-instating them.