Christian Woman & Co

At Christian Woman, we are delighted to have a dedicated portal for Christian women in business. I am more than aware how fast the world is changing and Christian Woman & Co is our way of helping so many Christian women who are starting businesses as a way of bringing in the additional money needed to raise a family or make ends meet.

I have always loved business. From the moment I entered the workforce, I found that I had a natural interest and love for both work and business. At the same time I had a ministry heart and knew that somehow, God would combine my passions at some point in the future.

I was working at a major church in Sydney, Australia when I met my husband to be. I was working in the marketing department, and Matt and I married in December of 2002. He was running several businesses, one being a publishing company, which he had started. Five months into our marriage, we acquired Alive magazine, at the time Australia’s leading Christian magazine. 

I immediately resigned from my job to oversee this magazine, and for the last almost 16 years, together, shoulder to shoulder, we have worked together to build a seven figure global Christian media company – with our entire focus being on spreading the Word of God to the ends of the earth. 

In this time, we have had some amazing opportunities. We have literally seen business miracles happen in building this from one acquisition into a multi-faceted company. At the same time we have faced the same challenges that others in business go through, fighting for our survival through the Global Financial Crisis.

In it all though, we have stood on the Word of God and His promises. We have continued to innovate, and amazing doors have opened and global connections made. 

We have survived the Global Financial Crisis, we have transitioned a large staff from print media into a digital business (which, incidentally, still does a lot of print), and so both my husband and I find our skills and calling to be part-business-part-ministry. 

In fact the journey has been documented in NOT Business As Usual, written by my husband Matt, who is the CEO of our company. 

So why Christian Woman & Co? I am glad you asked! Business is tough. The world is changing faster than ever before. Jobs are disappearing or being sent off-shore. Companies and corporations are going out of business at an alarming rate, and thus not only do those in business need support, but so do the many women who are forced to go into business to top up their family’s income. 

CW & Co is my baby. This is the area of our sprawling media company that I not only head up, but am so passionate about. With CW & Co, we are a group of women right across the globe who not only love God, but whether we love business, or we are doing it for the money it brings into our households, and thus the mouths it feeds, are businesswomen. 

My vision with CW & Co is to create an incredibly powerful, large group of Christian women globally who are business minded and cheering each other on. We will be an army of women who use their skills in the marketplace to make money, fund the Kingdom, live well and love life. 

I am not a pastor. I am a businesswoman, yet I love God and women just the way a pastor does. With Christian & Co, you’re working directly with me. As I mentioned, this is my baby and so together, we are going to transform the business world – and the church – through business skills, connection and empowerment. 

CW & Co is officially launching in February 2019 and our planning has well and truly begun. I invite you to be a part of what is going to be a life-changing connection with a group of powerful women. 

So join today and we can help you on your business journey. 

Nicole xo