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Do Christian women make good mumpreneurs?

By Christian Womanmag
Let me tell you, YES!
I used to be a career woman. My twenties were about establishing a career, firstly in finance and then in customer service. I worked for big corporations and enjoyed the challenge but I had a secret crazy thought that would pop into my head from time to time… “I’d really like to run my own business.” But the how, what and when of this crazy thought stumped me and I pushed it away.
The next part of my story is not unusual. I married a great man and had children. Three children in three years to be exact and as many mothers know, life as I had previously known it pretty much stopped. My children were wonderful but I was consumed with their needs and demands. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mum in those early years and thankfully, I was able to. But there was no time for pursuing my longing for a business of my own. All I could do was pray about it. Which I did, mostly whilst washing the dishes and hanging out the washing.
However, after being at home with the kids for 6 years, the desire to run my own business was stronger than ever. My husband ran a successful business from home and I could see how much work it took but I could also see the satisfaction he got from it too. I would delve into Proverbs 31 late at night, reading about this amazing biblical businesswoman and I wanted to be her. She was savvy, smart, motivated, strong and Godly. What a mix!
So in January of this year, a possibility emerged and it was from the most unlikely place – my kitchen. During my time at home, I had learnt how to bake. This was mostly to satisfy the bellies of my hungry brood but I found that I really enjoyed it. I mostly loved to bake biscuits and muffins but I found that it was the bakeware that bothered me. It refused to stack neatly in my kitchen cupboards and I was frustrated by the way it clattered and crashed around whenever I tried to access it.
I spoke to my husband about this, who subsequently disappeared into the garage and emerged some time later with a bent bit of aluminum tube. I must admit,  I was a bit disappointed at first but after he insisted, I put it into my cupboard and stacked my bakeware into it. Wow! It worked like a dream. I called it a Cakesnake and took great pleasure in showing it to friends whenever they came over. Then they wanted one too. This went on for a few months and I started to realise that there was a market for these racks.
So, with the Proverbs 31 woman in my sight, I learnt how to create a website, deal with production issues,  learnt about strategies for marketing and finally got to the point of selling my Cakesnake racks online. It was hard work but so worth it. I now run the business from home, mostly over the internet and it fits in with family life.
By Elizabeth Proctor
I think Christian women can make amazing mumpreneurs. We have an incredible role model in Proverbs 31 and a God who longs to bless women in business. My advice to women who harbour a secret desire to run their own business? Talk to God about it, study Proverbs 31 and watch for an opportunity. It might come from the most unlikely place.