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Five Minutes, No Warning…

By Christian Womanmag

It happened so fast. I remember seeing her head slump to the side, her hand draw up into a curled position, her eyes close and watched as her young husband fearfully turned my way to ask for help. My husband Rick interrupted the Pastor and began to shout for the assistance of a Dr. or nurse from within the church congregation. “Nicole, Nicole, wake up, stay with us.” I felt so helpless and closed my eyes and began to pray.

The message, Nicole would share a day later following that incident would forever penetrate our hearts.

I just wanted to share with everyone a little something I was reminded about life yesterday. Yesterday was a normal Sunday around the Davis house we woke up a little before 8am and began to get ready for church (we go to the 9am service). I felt fine, everything was normal. When we arrived at church my husband took our daughter to the nursery and I took our boys to their class. I even stopped to hug a friend on the way into the sanctuary, everything was fine. As I stood in church singing songs of worship with my church family, I began to feel extremely hot and light-headed. As I sat down I told my husband, “I feel like I’m going to pass out” and then BAM!!! I was out COLD! …. YES RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CHURCH I PASSED OUT! ……. Luckily I was with my husband and church family and they came right to my rescue… someone called 911 and I was taken to the hospital. They ran test and concluded that I have naturally low blood pressure and my blood pressure had dropped which caused me to pass out. I was fine nothing was wrong! Praise God!

Yesterday reminded me that there isn’t always a warning….. meaning I was fine when I arrived at church and when I walked into church 5 minutes later I was laying on the floor with several people around me scared to death. I didn’t know what had happened, it didn’t feel real. It scared my husband, my friends and church family. Last night I wondered what in the world cause that to happen. I am a young, active, healthy woman, wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. According to the hospital there is nothing wrong with me…. As I was talking on the Phone to a friend last night she reminded me that maybe this all happened to witness to someone else. Maybe it’s not meant for me to understand, and maybe God was using me as a vessel to witness to others. But this is what I took away from it. We are not promised five minutes, five hours, five days or five weeks from now.

This reminded me that we are all depending on God for every beat of our heart, every function of every cell of our body. I am reminded how fragile life is. Yes I fainted, Thank God I fainted in church with so many people there to help me, not at home alone with my two- year old daughter or driving down the road with my children in the car. Thank God I was sitting down and not standing up when I fainted, the situation could have been a lot worse! I share this with you all as a reminder that anything can happen at anytime, anywhere! Remember to count your blessings and embrace the moment and never forget GOD IS GOOD and life is fragile. Love you all. Nicole

I am reminded once again that my life is like a vapor. It is here one moment and then it is gone. I do not want to be so in love with my life or with its pleasures that I simply forget, one day it will disappear & I will face eternity. Am I living with regrets, are there things I should ask God to help me change. Is there someone I need to forgive, someone I need to say I love you too, a sin that needs repenting?

14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. James 4:14 NKJV

By Beverley Weeks |Website

Beverly Weeks is an energized Christian speaker who is devoted to encouraging couples with God’s inspired Word.  She has written numerous online devotions, blogs & articles to exemplify powerful, practical biblical truths to couples standing for their marriage and family. Candidly & transparently, Beverly shares the grace, hope & redemption that Christ offers to all and their marriage relationships. Beverly speaks from personal experience, a confident faith and a zealous passion, proclaiming encouraging messages of hope. She engages women’s groups, churches and conferences with topics such as Battling Low Self Esteem to Healing in Your Marriage. Beverly presently serves with Intentionally Yours, a marriage focused ministry, facilitates Art of Marriage conferences and is a Homebuilder Catalyst for Family Life Ministries.

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