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Get the ‘Dis’ out of Disappointment

By Kirrily Lowe

There are some rocks that are just too heavy to bear.

They sit on your heart, they block the joy, they block the light, they weigh you down.

They are too heavy to carry day in and day out.

Our heart is not designed for certain weights; they are crushing to our soul.

I recognize a rock on my own heart, as the rock of disappointment.

It’s a heavy load, there is pain entwined in this stale and static burden.

It needs to go so I can breathe, so I can run, so I can wear His yoke.

And that is the challenge with disappointment, the heart can carry little else, when carrying this heavy weight.

Sometimes the ship of our life is sailing in one direction, with all the hopes and dreams that go with the direction we think we are heading in, when all of a sudden there is a unpassable hurricane ahead, and we need to change direction, our ship changes course and heads a completely different way.

But, oh, how our hearts are slow to change. They long for the old, they get stuck in the dreams of a different day. Stuck under disappointment, stuck in broken dreams.

I remember the story of Peter, stuck under a rock of His own.

Stuck in the disappointment of His own failings, His own shortcomings.

Covered in shame, covered in broken commitments and shattered dreams.

But the thing is, he found the one, he found the one who rolls rocks away, He found the one who was buried in a tomb of His own with, and caused the stone to roll away.

The Bible says the angels sat on that stone. They sat on it. The stone meant to block the eternal light from mankind, was shifted and used as a seat.

And Peter with His own stone, ran to the one who moved the stone, and the stone shifter, with words of power, shifted the stone from Peter’s heart.

Sometimes it is only Jesus who can move the stone, who with resurrection life, can re-awaken our life to the words of His appointment.

He said to Peter: “If you love me feed my sheep”. He re-instated a broken man with a fresh appointment.

Disappointment displaced by a Jesus appointment.

Open our ears Lord to hear the words of your appointment.

In the words of Joyce Meyer, the question is not “Why God, Why?”, but “What now God?”.

Let His appointment displace disappointment.

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