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Going deeper

By Christian Womanmag

I just had the privilege of being a part of the most wonderful women’s conference in my church. Although it’s difficult to set aside time as such, the investment is priceless. The opportunity for such moments is precious beyond words.

We will all have moments to go deeper into God. Will we recognize those moments?

We aim to build lives of comfort but this is not necessarily God’s goal. Yes God blesses us in numerous ways and yet life is not about merely obtaining niceties.

Going deeper in Him requires that we follow Him, at times being obedient to the degree that it hurts.

Going deeper may mean facing and dealing with extreme disappointment and yet we have to choose to be a warrior rather than a victim.

Going deeper may mean listening to others when you question their advice. It may mean taking advice when it goes against our thinking.

Going deeper is not convenient yet inconvenience is the nature of our God and is a part of the pathway to real contentment.

Going deeper is not accomplished in a day or one moment of prayer but takes a lifetime. (The story of Ruth)

Jill Sweetman
Counselor and Life Coach. Certified by GBOE. Certified Life Coach.