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Growing up and growing old – Preschoolers and seniors doing life together

By Christian Woman Staff

At face value, it sounds like an idea worthy of the Odd Couple.

After all, what do preschoolers have in common with nursing home residents?

As it turns out, a lot of learning, fun and friendship.

Take a nursing home in Seattle, and intersperse inquisitive and active preschoolers among its bored or lonely elderly residents, whose average age is 92.

About 125 children and their teachers hold class five times a week in their Intergenerational Learning Center located within the nursing home, Mount St. Vincent.

Watch as socializing across generations works wonders among young and old. Interactions help children develop social skills and the kids put a twinkle in the eyes of the elderly.

Watch this powerful clip.

Preschoolers and nursing home residents. It’s an idea worth catching on as we look after the ageing in our community.

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