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Have you cleaned out your storage lately?

By D.C. Lassiter

I was speaking to my mother this morning, and she was just busy telling me how she was almost finished cleaning out her storage, and how she had been putting it off for months. The task, in her mind, had become so daunting that she was simply thinking about getting a new storage instead of dealing with the old one, but she thought better of it, and decided to clean it out anyway.

I was just all smiles as she told me that by cleaning out her storage she could, in return, move some items from her home into the empty space she created in the facility.

Holy Spirit quickly told me, that at times, as a believer we need to clean out our storage, inside ourselves because when we are full from disappointments, broken relationships, bitterness, failed marriages, poor choice of friends, bad business deals, and addiction problems we, too, need to clean out our storage inside. Many times, as broken people, we dread the thought of having to look back and sift through boxes, and piles of things we stored away long ago, but I believe that God calls us to resolve the unresolved so that we may move on and live out the fullness of the promises that we know is in his word.

Unfortunately there are many who take a detour and choose not to clean out their storage opting to, temporarily, ignore the signs of the boxes piling up in their garage and the abnormalities piling up in their life; while making the choice to move and occupy a whole new space instead. Are you considering at all to carve out the time it takes to clean out what you already possess or do you find yourself, simply, spreading your dysfunction to someone else’s well cleaned out space… just because you can?

If you, like my mother, take on this daunting task, with Jesus Christ, you too can make room in your house, and in your new life for what God has for you. This self inventory, lead by Holy Spirit, might just lead you to those new opportunities you have been praying for: maybe even some new Godly friendships, a significant other, some new Godly business deals,perhaps a new home, church, ministry, your purpose and destiny, but you must ,first, take care of the space that God has already provided you. Seek ye first His kingdom, and all other things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

So my question to all of you is,  “Have you cleaned out your storage space, lately?”

By D.C. Lassiter

D. C. Lassiter resides and writes in Pennsylvania. She is the founder of DCL Ministries while in pursuit of her BA in Theology & Biblical Studies. You will soon hear D. C. Lassiter engaging listeners, in the spring, on her own blog talk radio show, and her book titled  “Beyond the Face of the Movies” coming out this year. You can learn more about D. C. Lassiter on her website/blog at:; Facebook: and Twitter: DCLMinistries