How a bar of soap can rescue a baby

By Natalie Weir

For many pregnant women in crisis situations, abortion seems like it is the only route. Having kids is expensive and sadly, most people pregnant women talk to, including those in the medical profession, encourage them to have an abortion. This advice increases substantially if she is homeless, using illegal substances, or is a victim of domestic violence.

However, women are beginning to fight back. Women who rejected abortion and adoption are sharing stories that they are so glad they did not succumb to the fear and pressure to live without their babies. Thanks to one Christian group that is playing its part, there is a chance for women to get the help and support they need.

Foundation House Ministries is a maternity home and training program for pregnant and parenting women in critical situations. This is the most vulnerable group of women when it comes to abortion and thus the group that need the support around them to feel confident that they can take on – and successfully raise – their children.

Take Ashley, pictured below, as an example. She arrived at Foundation House Ministries directly from a six-month stint in jail. Already seven months pregnant, the organization knew it would be nearly impossible to find traditional employment, given her advanced state. She would have found employment difficult regardless because of her criminal past (several felony convictions for drugs and theft, repeated stays in prison over the previous three years) and also the fact that she did not have her GED or high school diploma. On top of this, she was 28 years old and had two older children of whom she did not have custody. 

Many employers would have seen her job application and immediately discarded it. Her few opportunities would likely have been in fast food or gas station settings. These positions generally pay poorly, offer a limited number of hours weekly (often below 30 hours), limited to nights and weekends when there are no available daycare centers open, and don’t offer any type of training or opportunities for advancement.

Too often, these types of positions are surrounded by other workers who are actively using drugs or have a poor work ethic, which can increase the likelihood that she will fall back into old patterns of addiction and instability.

Ashley was lucky, though. Foundation House recently opened a job-training program for women just like her. Healing Springs Gifts is the ministry’s online store, where gorgeous beauty products can be purchased. And this is where you can help. Your purchase of body butter, soap, lotion and more not only supports the ministry, but the store is managed by women like Ashley. These women learn the skills they need by running the business.

In addition to amazingly soft skin because all their soaps use Goat’s Milk and a variety of essential oils, every purchase provides women like Ashley a steady income and a safe place to live while they build new futures for themselves and their children.

Your purchase is directly teaching young moms important job skills, including time management, budgeting, customer service, product fulfillment and shipping, basic accounting, inventory management, and much more.

Since Ashley’s arrival in September 2018, she has given birth to a gorgeous baby boy, accepted Christ in a local church, obtained her drivers license for the first time in six years, completed her GED and regained custody of her two older children. Her transformation is nothing short of a miracle.

Suzanne Burns, the Founder and Director of Foundation House Ministries, told me that Ashley’s story is a true testimony to the potential for success of a program like Foundation House. “95 percent of our graduates are still maintaining their stability a year after graduation,” Suzanne proudly states. “The addition of Healing Springs provides a way for us to “extend the cocoon” just a bit further.”

Foundation House Ministries also offers housing, transportation, trauma-centered classes and services, court advocacy, education and more. Essentially, the ministry is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for pregnant women and moms in crisis who do not know where to turn but don’t want an abortion.

“Through the mentoring and employability skill-building opportunities, our goal is to equip Ashley and women like her for an assistant manager-level position,” Suzanne continued. “If we can help her move up even one rung on the ladder of success, we believe that she can move herself up even further. 

“She will be equipped not only with the knowledge and skills to succeed, but also the self-confidence that she needs to put these tools to use.

“She is learning to take pride in her work. When she sees people are interested in her products – when they are bought and shipped – it builds a sense of accomplishment and self-worth that is unbelievable.”

For more information and to shop this amazing ministry, visit https://healingspringsgifts.com.

The not-for-profit needs support, though, to continue to helping women like Ashley. 100% of your purchase is supporting women like Ashley.

Wholesale opportunities are also available. For more information, contact suzanne@foundationhouseministries.org and see how you can help spread the word about both the amazing products and the amazing work this ministry is all about.

You can follow them on social media via Facebook and Instagram too.