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If you’re a leader, try this…

By Matt Danswan

Being the leader of an organization is not easy. Carrying the pressures of the entire company or non-profit on your shoulders is huge. But add to this having to try and do it with a smile on your face so that your workplace is not a miserable one and any boss will tell you that being a great leader is an art in itself.

I’ve faced days in years gone by when I’ve struggled to walk in the office door, knowing the pressures I am facing, yet having to be brave and look like a strong leader in front of my team. Even though I wanted to stay under the covers, they were looking to me for direction. During the Global Financial Crisis this was certainly put to the test.

If you want your workplace to be a happy one then I have found one way to achieve it: to have a distinct and compelling vision, and to then ensure this is clearly communicated to your team.

For your staff having to get out of bed every morning and trudge off to work is not easy. Fighting the traffic, getting to the subway; planning all the other things for the week like the kids’ after school activities etc, means that going off to work can either be a really rewarding experience, or it can be drudgery.

Your goal is to get maximum output from them. While you are paying them, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your staff are bringing their A game to their workplace. They might save their energy for their side project, or for their hobbies, or their family, meaning your strain to pay them does not equate to them giving it their all. Many people do just enough to keep the boss happy, but imagine the lost productivity within each organization when this is the case. Imagine if everyone was firing on all cylinders.

Except if you have a clear vision. The Bible says that where there is a lack of vision the people will perish (Proverbs 29:18) and what this scripture is referring to is that people need a vision. We are born to create. We are born for something more than day-to-day. We spend more time working than just about anything else, so performing at work can be a very rewarding experience… If the boss will just lead the way and create a vision that stretches everyone.

There is no better feeling for staff than knowing where they are heading. Have you ever communicated with your team where you’re trying to go, what difference you are trying to make, and what the DNA of your organization is? This is the information that can take your team from bringing their A minus, or B game to work, to seeing them bring their A game daily.

Over to you…


Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of Christian Woman. He Also blogs at His new book, Not Business As Usual, is due for release in March 2018.

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