Is it ever going to happen?

By Elbonie Idowu

You may have thought before, “I’m ready to get married. I know God is going to bless me. God is going to turn this situation out for my good.” These similar statements of faith have been released out of our mouths as to what we are hoping and expecting God to manifest. However, for it to be demonstrated, it must be in God’s timing (I’ve learned this lesson too many times).

The wait

Have you felt like you’re ‘waiting’ on God? But, you don’t know how God is going to move, or ‘when’ God will bring to pass the prayers that you prayed. The Bible says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” (Isaiah 43: 18-19).

The first part of the scripture speaks to what God wants us to do (forget the former things) for us to move forward to be in a place of expectancy. The expectancy comes from you keeping a lookout for what you have lifted to God in prayer. Being a ‘watchman’ when it doesn’t look possible, is not easy to do, but it’s necessary when you are walking by faith and not by what you see in the natural.

For instance, your new thing can be a more gratifying job, a more fulfilling relationship, a new place to live, funds to start a business or even have a healthier marriage. Whatever “it” is that God has given you the ability to perceive (does it honor Christ?), God will bless you with the ability to understand that he is making a way even though you don’t see how all of the things you are hoping for will come to pass. God will also give you the mindset to remain hopeful, which is hope planted in your heart.

Keep going

Wherever you are on your journey to seeing God move in your life, God is in the process of bringing to pass the desires that he placed in your heart. Even though God put the desire there, as a woman of belief, you have a part to do. You must start with the mindset of forgetting the former things and placing your eyes on the desires planted in your soul. By you putting this action into motion, God will honor your act of faith and bring it to pass at the appointed time.

I encourage you to meditate on Isaiah 43:18-19 while asking God what your “new thing” is and perceive “it” the way God has given you the understanding to perceive it in your spirit and life. Know that God hears you… because it’s not by chance you’re reading this post!


Elbonie is a professor, writer, and speaker that inspires women to embrace a life of love while facing the obstacles they encounter in life. Her call to raw, authentic love that reaches inside of the real you comes from her journey that she walks each day. Her life hasn’t always grown out of perfect circumstances. But, receiving love from God has inspired her to love others exactly where they are in their lives.