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Is There Change in The Waters?

By Kirrily Lowe
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This one is for all the girls (and guys) stepping out on a word from God, into a place that requires change.

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago whilst walking through my own waters.

It spoke to me about hearing the voice of God and having the courage to follow through turbulent waters of change.

One thing I know is that when God speaks, He nearly always calls us to wade into waters of impossibility.  Waters where courage becomes a life jacket, and faith is the oxygen we breathe.

Walking into waters defies all natural laws, and requires a supernatural power to get you to the other side.  Our flesh hates turbulent water, preferring the comfort of the shore, but our spirit was born for the waters, and finds wellness and wander on the waves.

So, take courage if you find yourself on the waters.  Don’t look down.  Breathe faith, and keep walking through the oceans of impossibility.  Miracles are born on the waves, and I don’t know any other way to get to the other side.

And, you never know what other water walkers you will find out there.  You may never meet them until you take a step.

Enjoy the poem.

love Kirrily xx

The Waters

There He is standing there,

Upon the water, strong and fair.

There he is standing there,

Calling me out, above my head.

For where I am I cannot stay,

There are waters to cross, they’re in the way.

Waters screaming of doubt and fear,

Waters swallowing the enemies near.

Waters where my lover is found,

Waters with a violent sound.

Waters so strong, there’s one way alone,

Upon the back of a horse called home.

A horse white as snow called faithful and true,

A horse of miracles, led by You.

So lead me out upon the waves.

As I hold tight to a neck without reigns.

Walk steady through, as I hold strong,

Walk steady through, to drown out wrong.

Let the waters, turn to love, washing over my face.

Let the waters ever speak of your embrace.

Let the waters wash away all fear.

For on the waters, you are near.

So fear swept up in the waves,

As we emerge to brand new days.

Days where you alone are Lord.

Days my heart pounds with Yours.


Kirrily and her husband Tim are the Senior Ministers and Founding Pastors of C3 Church City. Kirrily is passionate about seeing women released into their God-given identity and is known for communicating this through creative, poetic and colourful mediums, using teaching, poetry and fashion to bring full expression to this message. Kirrily is also the author of The Invisible Tree Series for children. She lives in Sydney with their three boys, Samuel, Harrison and Elijah. Instagram: kirrilylowe. Facebook: Kirrily Lowe

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