Joe Biden Moves to Fund Abortions With Taxpayer Money

By Caroline Roberts

In 1970, Congress enacted Title X, a federal program which offers grants to health centers that provide family planning services. These grants are used to help make women’s preconception care and family planning services, like cancer screenings, well-woman exams, and pregnancy testing, more affordable and accessible.

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In the past, abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood have used Title X for their own gain by treating killing infants in the womb as a part of basic family planning. As a result, tens of millions in taxpayer money went straight to Planned Parenthood.

Thankfully, that changed when former President Trump reinstated regulations that separated abortion procedures, and the finances that prop it up, from Title X funding.

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But now, President Biden wants Title X to fund the abortion business with more of your tax dollars once again. And it seems he won’t stop at anything to do so, including infringing on your freedoms and acting inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s rulings on the matter.

How Biden’s Title X Changes Will Violate Health Care Freedom of Conscience

On April 15, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed to change the Trump administration rules for the purpose of “ Ensuring Access to Equitable, Affordable, Client-Centered, Quality Family Planning Services.” It may sound harmless, but this proposed policy would ensure that abortion businesses that kill infants in the womb receive more taxpayer funding.

But this matter has been addressed before.

In fact, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled in 2020 that it was perfectly constitutional for the Trump HHS to withhold Title X funding from “programs where abortion is considered a method of family planning.” Taxpayer money in this program shouldn’t be going to abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood because although they claim to focus mainly on women’s health, their priority is abortion and always has been.

President Biden’s proposed changes to Title X also require that family planning service providers refer for abortions, a direct violation of the freedom of conscience.

Currently, 9 states specifically restrict the allocation of Title X funds to entities that provide referrals to or perform abortions. But the Biden HHS has stated that it wants to ban these state restrictions, to ensure that your taxpayer money will support abortion providers. The Biden administration is not only trampling on court rulings and conscience rights, but state sovereignty as well.

The Biden Administration’s Abortion Agenda

Since President Biden was sworn into office, his administration has made a number of extremely pro-abortion moves. Within his first 100 days, President Biden signed an executive order that rescinded the Mexico City Policy, effectively allowing taxpayer money to fund pro-abortion groups internationally. On top of that, Biden’s HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, has a long record of proving that he has no regard for the sanctity of life—and will sacrifice your constitutional rights to fill Planned Parenthood’s coffers.

Now, the Biden administration is demanding that more of your tax dollars fund big abortion business. This adds another bold pro-abortion move to the list of egregious actions taken by President Biden.

Caroline Roberts serves as a Strategic Communications Writer at Alliance Defending Freedom