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Just a marshmallow…

By Christian Womanmag

Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Have you ever given much thought to the fact that God hears every single word you utter and knows each of your thoughts?  I think we all know these two facts are true for it tells us so in God’s Word, but saying it and knowing it on a personal level are two very different things.  Recently, I was reminded just how much God cares about the simple pleasures we enjoy.  I witnessed, first-hand, how much God longs to make us happy and show His love toward us in very simple, yet amazing ways.

On a recent vacation, my family walked into a candy store while visiting Disney World.  As we entered, we watched a man making candy apples.  Of course they had to have a Disney twist, so the candy maker used marshmallows as the ears so that the finished apples would appear to be in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head.  My daughter commented as we walked past, “I would love to just have a marshmallow.” I didn’t give it much thought for I knew you could not purchase plain marshmallows.

We continued through the store, which was very long and winding.  When we reached the rear of the store a young lady, who worked there, approached my daughter.  We were celebrating my daughter’s birthday so she was wearing a special “birthday” button.  The young clerk wished her a happy birthday and asked my daughter to close her eyes while she grabbed a special surprise from behind the counter.  When my daughter opened her eyes she was handed a sticker and a marshmallow!  I almost passed out!  The marshmallow was unlike any I had ever seen.  It had been dipped in white chocolate and then covered in beautiful pink and purple sprinkles.  It was then wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with a golden tie.  My eyes filled with tears for I knew who had sent the marshmallow.  The girl asked me if it was okay for her to have the marshmallow and I quickly said, “Yes!”  She was probably thinking she had upset me in a negative way due to my shock and reaction. I explained how my daughter had just said moments earlier how she would love to have a marshmallow.  There was no way this young lady had heard our conversation or could have known it was exactly what my daughter wanted.

I hope you realize by now what happened.  God heard the simple desire of my child’s heart and instead of giving her only what she asked for, He gave her MORE than she could have imagined.  That’s the awesome God we serve!  Our God is more than enough.  He is our absolute provider.  You see, I fool myself at times by thinking that I am my child’s provider and protector when He is all those things to her.  I couldn’t have given her the simple desire of a marshmallow that day, but our living and loving God sure could!  He used this example to strengthen my faith and relationship with Him.

When you share the desires of your heart with God, He will not only answer you but He always gives you more than you could ever imagine.  God will give you the desires of your heart and then He will add chocolate and your favorite colored sprinkles!  Never underestimate the power of our Mighty God and Savior.  He truly cares about each detail and moment of our lives.  I will never forget the moment when God handed my sweetheart a marshmallow and my love for Him grew even stronger.

I dreamt all of my life of becoming a published author.  I sometimes thought it would never happen, but you see, even when we give up on ourselves, God never does.  How precious is that love?  In August of 2011 I opened a box to see my first published book.  I cried for a long time wondering how God could love me so much.  I quickly found that God not only gave me my desire but the book I wrote was about Him and how He helped me survive the first year as my husband’s caregiver while he battled heart failure.  God has used this simple book to touch the lives of many caregivers across the country.  They read my story and know that they are not alone in the fight.  Now, I have dreams of a world-wide ministry for caregivers.  I look forward to not only receiving my marshmallows, but waiting to see how much chocolate He puts on top and what color my sprinkles will be.

I have many desires that I share with my Lord.  I talk to Him about what I want and pray about how He will use the desires of my heart to further His plan for my life.  I used to share my hopes and dreams with people thinking that would make a difference but I now know that the one who has the power to make our hopes and dreams become realities is God.  He may use others in His plan for you, but never forget He is the conductor that makes your life sound like a beautiful piece of music instead of horrible noise.

By Jessica Daly | Published author and founder of My Daly Outreach Ministries | Website