Model Ashley Graham tells Harper’s Bazaar ‘faith is my balance’

By Danielle Jarvis

She is famous as a plus-size model, and now Ashley Graham has shared her faith in the latest issue if the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

The 31 year-old US Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl, pictured above during the recording of a podcast with Kim Kardashian, told the popular fashion magazine, “My faith has given me the strength to say no.

If I’m not comfortable, or if something doesn’t align with my mission, then I’m not participating. My faith is my balance. My husband and I like to pray together, because in the Bible it talks about when two or more are gathered, God is in the midst.”

She continued, “Whatever your higher power or beliefs, I think it’s important to have that quiet moment of reflection.

“Growing up in a Christian household, I was constantly questioning what my purpose in life was. I believe it’s changing the fashion industry.”

There have been calls to make her “the next Oprah,” but for now, she is happy doing what she is doing, whilst patient to see what doors pen for her in the future.