More power to you, Hailey Baldwin

By Bridgett Banks

I read this article today on Hailey Baldwin (or is it Hailey Bieber?) and how she states that “Jesus is the real thing for me.”

Now, there is going to be a bunch of Christian haters out there who are going to read these sorts of articles and pass judgment on celebrities like Hailey and her new husband, Justin. However in the world we currently live in, where Jesus is being pushed as far out of society as is humanly possible, to have high profile people like Hailey stand up for their faith is much braver and harder than you might think.

Let me ask you this. If you were on a packed bus on the way to work and somebody stood up, pointed to you, and told everybody you were a Christian, would you be proud or seriously embarrassed? What about of it was at a packed concert, and all eyes were on you? Or at a school concert?

In other words, here is a young woman like Hailey, living in the most secular of worlds, yet she still has the courage and boldness to proclaim her love of God. She’s on the cover of Vogue one moment, then sharing her faith to the world soon after. Many struggle in their own community, let alone on the world stage.

If you were in her position, would you stand up for your faith, or would you try and fit in? Would you want to be invited to the cool parties, or risk being ostracized for your faith?

So Hailey, more power to you. You might even slip up a couple of times, but you are human, you will get it wrong like the rest of us, but I for one am standing up for you in sharing your faith.