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Mother of boy born with ‘no brain’ starts pro-life campaign

By The Christian Institute

The mother of a boy born with only two per cent of his brain has launched a campaign to end abortions up to birth for disabled children.

Michelle Wall hopes to introduce equal rights for all children from the moment of conception.

In Britain, abortions can take place up to 24 weeks but disabled children can be aborted up to birth.

Do you love a child any less because it’s disabled?

Michelle Wall

Michelle and her husband Rob rejected abortion several times to give birth to Noah, who is paralysed from the chest down because of spina bifida.

She said that she did not consider aborting Noah and that “all disabled children should be given a chance.” She called on society to “treat disabled people with respect and treat them like human beings.”

“Mothers who abort their disabled baby’s life will miss out on a very special relationship,” she added.

“Do you love a child any less because it’s disabled?”, she asked.

Last year, it was reported that Noah’s brain had grown to a remarkable 80 per cent of its normal size leaving medical professionals stunned.

He was featured in the Channel 5 documentary ‘The Boy With No Brain’, which aired last October.

Michelle has joined with Conservative Peer Lord Shinkwin in an effort to bring in ‘Noah’s Law’.

Last month, Lord Shinkwin hit out at Britain’s abortion laws, which he described as a “licence to kill for the crime of being disabled”.

In an article for The House magazine, he warned that the number of disabled babies being aborted increased by 68 per cent between 2005 and 2015.

And he highlighted that 90 per cent of babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are killed in the womb.

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