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By Jessica Daly

I love “before and after” reveals whether it be a house or a person. My daughter and I love seeing something or someone restored to its original or true beauty and purpose. It’s exciting for during the process there is great hope and anticipation of what the final product will be. I believe that’s how our Creator feels about us.

God is the ultimate restoration guru. He sees what He created us to be and the purpose and plan He created just for us when no one, not even we, can see it. He takes broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken relationships and through the power of His grace and love restores them and in the process makes them even better than they were in the beginning.

Psalm 51:12 says, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” To be honest, we should repeat this scripture daily basis because life takes its toll on us and can wear us down. It can become difficult, as we witness those we love hurting physically and emotionally, to hold to the Lord’s joy. The sadness and strife can easily become our focus when life goes terribly wrong and we feel all hope is lost.

When I read this scripture and take in the sheer magnitude of what it says I become overwhelmed due to its truth and power. The author asks for God to restore the joy felt from salvation. The joy of being saved from death is a joy like no other, which even the devil himself cannot take. Then it asks God for a willing spirit which is another tall order. This means in essence, “God I am going to die to self and do what you want even if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit into my plan.” And it ends by asking for this joy to be enough to sustain. A joy that will keep us going and meet our need is a pretty tall order but one that does exist only through Jesus Christ.

We all need restoration and it comes freely through the blood of Jesus Christ. Talk to the Father. Tell Him what needs to be restored in your life. Ask for His joy to fill those dark places you feel are untouchable. Even when there seems to be no reason to be joyful, it is possible. God will answer and His joy will sustain you.

Jessica Daly currently resides in the Lynchburg, Va. She is a graduate of East Carolina University where she has earned a BS in elementary education as well as her Master’s Degree in Library Science. Jessica has been married to Brian Daly for 16 years and they share a daughter, Taylor, who is 12 years old. Jessica began My Daly Outreach Ministries, dedicated to caregivers, in January 2011. It consists of an online website,, a blog, email devotionals, a published book entitled “Brian’s Update” and inspirational speaking across the country bringing awareness to forgotten caregivers. Jessica is now the Coordinator of Research & Instruction for Liberty University.

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